Bespoke Pets is series of commissioned animal portraits by artist Sarah Zimmer. It started with Yoko, a ladylike cat in Chanel made as a gift in 2013, and has grown to over 100 portraits of dogs, cats, rabbits, bears and monkeys alike in homes across the globe. Each work is crafted with care and informed by the orderer's input to best capture the spirit of your furry companion.

Please submit a form through the contact page to get in touch with any questions or to place an order.



8 x 10  or 11 x 14 cold press 140 pound watercolor paper

Watercolor, gouache, ink and colored pencil


2- 4 weeks



The painting can be shipped anywhere in the US and Canada. Please allow an additional week + $10 to accommodate shipping. 

If you're local to Chicago, we can coordinate a pickup.

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